Dr. Andrew Thamboo

Dr. Andrew Thamboo completed his undergraduate, medical degree and residency at University of British Columbia (UBC).  During his residency, he obtained another degree in Masters in Health Sciences concentrating on study design and epidemiology.   He has been awarded a number of distinguishing awards in his short career such as the Dr. I.B. Holubitsky Memorial Award for demonstrating the highest of surgical excellence at UBC. Dr. Thamboo got accepted to the most coveted Rhinology and Skull Base Fellowship at Stanford University.  He was recruited back to the UBC after two years at Stanford. Dr. Thamboo is considered one of the busiest rhinologists in British Columbia and has unique practice.  He primarily manages referrals from his colleagues or other tertiary specialists (such as allergist and respirologists).  He deals with patients with complex sinus disease and sinonasal tumors. He also works with neurosurgery at Vancouver General Hospital to manage intracranial tumors. Dr. Thamboo is a national and international leader in this field.  He has given an number of lectures and taught at courses since he has come back to UBC.  
Dr. Thamboo is also known as a translational researcher.  Dr. Thamboo is the Research Director of the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre.  In collaboration with Respirologists, he has a lab associated with Heart and Lung Institute. Dr. Thamboo has an interest in areas of unified airway hypothesis, upper airway physiology, office based rhinology, personalize medicine and outcomes research. He was the first surgeon at UBC to receive the Michael Smith Foundation Health Investigator Award. He hopes his research will help patients in the management chronic sinus disease.

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