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To provide the highest quality of care for patients suffering from sinus and skull-base diseases by establishing a strong and stable research centre.

To foster an environment where research and innovation thrive in pursuit of excellence in patient care. The evidence-based practices established at this centre will serve as a model of exemplary clinical and research training for national and international fellows, residents, medical and graduate students.

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Learn the responsibilities and unique research being conducted by the SPSC, in this award-acceptance video.

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We have detailed profiles for both Dr. Amin Javer and Dr. Andrew Thamboo.

Doctors & Directors

Dr. Amin Javer

Dr. Amin Javer

Director and Head, St. Paul’s Sinus Centre

Dr. Amin Javer is a Director of St. Paul’s Sinus Centre, a Clinical Professor at UBC, and a Research Co-Director at UBC ENT. Dr. Javer has been awarded several awards and honors in research and in surgical teaching during his career. Is currently in the top three ENT doctors list for Vancouver, BC.

View the full list of Dr. Amin Javer’s credentials here.


Dr. Andrew Thamboo

Dr. Andrew Thamboo

Research Director, Asst Clinical Professor

Dr. Andrew Thamboo is the Research Director of the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre. In collaboration with Respirologists, he has a lab associated with Heart and Lung Institute.

View the full list of Dr. Andrew Thamboo credentials here.

Email: researchdirector@stpaulssinuscentre.com

Clinical Support Staff

Hillary Rivera

Erin Wuss


Salahuddin Alsalihi

Salahuddin Alsalihi


Rami Al-Salman

Rami Al-Salman


Warren Mullings

Warren Mullings


Research Team

Sara Derikvand

Research Coordinator

Michael Guo

Al-Rahim Habib

William Mak

Jamil Manji

Christopher Okpaleke

Devon Webb

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