Rhinology & Functional Endoplastic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Rhinology is that aspect of Otorhinolaryngology that deals with diseases of the nose and sinuses. The most common condition affecting the nose is chronic sinusitis, which refers to chronic infection and inflammation of the sinuses. Approximately 15% of the North American population suffers from sinusitis, which presents with headaches, facial pain, pressure, loss of smell and taste, nasal congestion, obstruction and postnasal drainage. In most instances chronic sinusitis occurs as a result of blocked sinus drainage pathways usually secondary to a viral cold, or sometimes allergies. When the narrow sinus drainage pathways obstruct, the sinuses, which continue to make mucous, get infected with bacteria from the nose resulting in a bacterial sinus infection. If this is not dealt with quickly, the lining of the sinuses get inflamed and further obstruct the drainage pathways, resulting in a chronic sinus infection. Polyps usually occur as a result of the chronic infection and add to the sinus and nasal obstruction.

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