SPSC Fellowship Programs

St. Paul’s Sinus Centre has had a long history training fellows. SPSC offers two fellowship programs – one with Dr. Amin Javer and the other with Dr. Andrew Thamboo.  Drs. Javer and Thamboo work closely together and fellows learn from each other but the fellowships are run independent of each other. Applicants interested in applying should apply to each program individually.  

SPSC Rhinology Research Fellow

The SPSC will accommodate ENT doctors who have an interest in spending dedicating time towards research in Rhinology and Skull Base. At SPSC there are a number of opportunities to do clinical and basic science research. The research fellows will commit to a minimum of 3 months (preferable is 6-12 months). Research fellows will be in charge of one study (minimum). We aim to have each fellow achieve the first authorship of the study they are in charge of. Based on the individual’s skill set, they may be able to do multiple studies.

Drs. Thamboo and Javer will help with research ideas for every fellow, however, we highly promote the fellow’s novel ideas as well. The fellow must play an integral role in each aspect of the study from project development to publication in a credible journal. The process of running a study will include:

  1. Developing research methodology for every novel idea which includes:
    1. Protocol development to ensure:
      1. all the important factors for a comprehensive study have been considered;
      2. all aspects have been well thought out and the outcomes could be easily evaluated using universal qualification and quantification methods;
      3. all possible methods for evaluating the outcomes have been carefully investigated before selecting one for the study;
  2. Lead the data collection through the terms of the study to make sure all co-investigators follow the designed methodology
  3. Provide weekly updates at the research meeting so that the entire team can have a clear idea of the progression of the research project.
  4. Lead the data analysis at the end of the study and review all the results
  5. Lead the manuscript writing at the end of the study and make sure the appropriate journal has been targeted for the publication.


Please contact researchdirector@stpaulssinuscentre.com for more information.

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